Jai guru deva om.

I’m Joanne.

Floral prints. Optimism. Baking. Deja Vu. Creepin'. Mister Rogers. Rambling. Quoting Mean Girls. Christmas carols. Being awkward. Lace. Cinnamon. Laughing at my own jokes. Frills. Making to-do lists. Never thinking before speaking. Glitz & glamor. Words with hyphens. Swooning. Holding hands. Smiling wide. Puns. Kiddie Movies. Ingenuity. Free spirit. Not making sense. Ever. "Delish!” Summer hair. Yellow & royal blue. Aspirations. Doing laundry. Accents. Receiving and sending letters. Thunderstorms (but only in the Summer). Embarrassing myself.  Tea parties. Cleaning. Pinky promises. Sing-along’s. Polaroids. B-sides. Fortune cookies. Not listening when you’re talking. Serendipity. Making pillow forts. Simon Says. New places & new faces. Fast pace. L(i/o)ve life. “Cutes.” Exclamation points. Book smell. Alliteration. Guilty pleasures. Sugar & spice. (Staying up) and not growing up.
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    Across the Universe -- The Beatles